• 1 everything bagel, or your favorite
  • cream cheese, softened
  • 3 bacon slices
  • baby spinach
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Bacon and Spinach Cream Cheese Bagel

This bagel will have you wondering why you haven’t made this before! The simple blend of the creamy cream cheese, the crispy salty bacon and the fresh baby spinach make for a match made in food heaven. Want to spice this sandwich up? Substitute the bacon with my Chipotle Bacon.


Cook bacon until desired crispiness. Pat excess grease off each slice of bacon with a paper towel. Break each slice of bacon in half and set aside.

Cut bagel in half and toast in a toaster, comal, or griddle to desired toastiness.

In a medium bowl, mix cream cheese with a fork, creating a smooth softened texture.

Once bagel is ready, spread a generous amount of cream cheese on both slices of the bagel, on the bottom half of the bagel add the bacon then top with a small handful of baby spinach, top with top half of bagel. Cut in half and enjoy.

Don’t forget if you want to add a kick to this bagel use my chipotle bacon recipe!


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Adriana’s Tip –

: If you are having guests over for breakfast or brunch make these using mini bagels they are quick to make and your guest will love them!

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