• 1 plain bagel
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 slices of applewood smoked bacon
  • 1 slice of american cheese or your favorite
  • ½ tbs. butter
  • 1 tbs. vegetable oil
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Full-Moon Breakfast Sandwich

This breakfast sandwich is a complete winner! If you like your eggs to run when you bite into them, then this breakfast sandwich is for you. I created this b-fast sandwich at my beach café in California where it soon became a café favorite.


FCook the bacon slices in a sauté pan or cast iron pan on medium-low heat. Once cooked, place on a plate lined with paper towels, to absorb any excess bacon rendering. Set aside.

Cut bagel in half and place in a toaster, once toasted, spread butter on both halves of the bagel and set aside.

In a small pan, add vegetable oil and heat on medium-low heat, gently crack both eggs into pan (keeping the yolks whole). Cook for about 3 minutes, gently flipping with a spatula (use two spatulas, for added help), making sure not to crack the yolks. Cook for 1 minute then remove from heat. Add the cheese. Gently slide or remove eggs from pan and onto the bottom half of the bagel, topping the cheese with two slices of bacon and the top half of the bagel.

Serves: 1

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Adriana’s Tip –

“If cutting your sandwich in half, cut the sandwich without the top piece of the bagel, slicing in between the egg yolks and then slice the top half of the bagel separately on its own. Top sandwich with the sliced bagel half and enjoy!"

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