• 1 sesame seed bagel, or your favorite
  • hummus, your favorite kind
  • tomato, sliced
  • baby arugula
  • sea salt
  • zest of half a small lemon (optional)
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Hummus•Tomato•Arugula Bagel

Terrific breakfast or lunch bagel sandwich! Nutty hummus, sweet-juicy tomato and peppery arugula, you not only have a winning combination of flavors but a protein and vitamin “A” packed snack!


Cut bagel in half and toast in a toaster, comal, or griddle to desired toastiness.

Once bagel is ready, spread a generous amount of hummus on both slices of the bagel, on the bottom half of the bagel add the tomato slices and lighty sprinkle sea salt, top with a small handful of baby arugula and top with other half of bagel. Cut in half and enjoy!

If adding lemon zest: Zest half a lemon with a lemon zester and sprinkle zest over tomato slices.

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Adriana’s Tip –

If you are having guests over for breakfast, brunch, or lunch make these using mini bagels they are quick to make and your guest will love them!

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